Loonbedrijf De Weper aan het bemesten

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IMG_2043Gistermorgen kwam ik loonbedrijf De Weper uit Oosterwolde tegen tijdens het zodebemesten met hun Vervaet Hydro Trike XL 5 wieler. Ze waren bij melkveebedrijf Stelling bezig in Haule waar ze afgelopen zaterdag ook al sleepslang bemest hadden, dit ook door loonbedrijf De Weper. Kijk snel verder voor meer foto’s en een filmpje

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The Unbreakable Bond Between Man and Cow

Originally posted on The Modern Milkmaid:

Dairy farmers have long been accused by animal activists for not showing compassion and love towards their animals.  I have decided to show the real bond of love between the dairy producer and the dairy cow through pictures and excerpts from Corinthians 13:4-8.

Love is Patient

303281_10150469152764008_1090805467_n Photo courtesy of Kira Andre

After dairy calves have been removed from their mothers for their own personal safety, dairy farmers must bottle feed their calves by hand for their first few meals.  It is a slow process as the newborn calf learns how to nurse and takes nothing but pure patience from the caretaker.

Love is Kind 

10392400_10204129053479120_3637066701595336497_n Photo courtesy of Melanie Tipton

Dairy farmers display nothing but the upmost kindness towards their animals.  They care for their cows with the most compassionate hearts.

Love is Not Easily Angered  

303333_4306847234232_526369867_n Photo courtesy of Lauren Shaw

Even on days when cows are not on their best behavior, dairy farmers still manage to control their temper…

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Savanna Sojourn

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Just like an Oxpecker feeding on the back of a Rhinoceros…except this time it’s a Magpie on the back of a cow…the scene is obviously not Sub-Saharan Africa but the pastures of Friesland basking in the autumnal sun… ;)

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De Weper aan het balen persen en wikkelen

Koeienboer Jannes:

En dan ineens kom je een fotoserie tegen van het persen van ‘onze’ balen.

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IMG_8912Nabij Haule kwam ik loonbedrijf De Weper tegen tijdens het balen persen en wikkelen. De balen werden geperst met een Case Puma 230 CVX + Krone BigPack 1270XC en gewikkeld met een Case MX 170 + McHale 998 wikkelaar. Ook werden de balen meteen opgehaald door een Liebherr 531 shovel. Kijk snel verder voor meer foto’s en een filmpje.

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Goede reis!

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Twee dagen nadat ik deze foto’s maakte (9-9) is de grote groep boerenzwaluwen naar het zuiden vertrokken om daar te overwinteren.


Je merkt het meteen, je mist hun vrolijke gekwetter en de soms bijna botsingen in de stal.


En nu maar hopen dat ze volgend jaar weer net zo vrolijk terugkomen.


Goede reis!

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Originally posted on Modern-day Farm Chick:

I am a proud farm girl and feel blessed to live such a lifestyle, but let’s be honest: the farm girl life ain’t always easy; we have our problems.  Problems only other farm girls can understand.  Let’s take a minute to show some sympathy for all the farm girls out there.

Farm Girl Problems:

1. It is not unlikely to go days, weeks, possibly months without doing your hair or make-up.

2. You have a closet full of beautiful clothes, but they only get worn once in a blue moon.  By the time you get a chance to wear all your summer clothes, clothing stores are coming out with their fall lines.

3. Operating a skidsteer or tractor requires a sports bra.  After a spring thaw and  freeze, you may want to double up.

4. If you wear mascara in the winter, it will freeze, thaw, melt down your face…

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Originally posted on Target Focus Website:

We have all heard the statement ‘We need to produce more food to feed the world’s population’  on a regular basis. 

If the statement is true then farmers had better produce more right! – and the obvious way to do this is to follow the congregation and join the masses building housing for dairy cattle, irrigation schemes and purchasing more supplement feed to produce more milk and meat.

But what if this was a big hoax?, I mean a real big one because if we all sat down and analysed our lifestyles, diets and habits we would find millions of tonnes of food worldwide is wasted every year and millions of tonnes of raw product is made into comfort foods with little or no real food value.

Companies are preaching the gospel messages of herd housing, sustainability, nitrates and effluent management because they are all emotive messages and…

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