The Unbreakable Bond Between Man and Cow

The Buckeye Milkmaid

Dairy farmers have long been accused by animal activists for not showing compassion and love towards their animals.  I have decided to show the real bond of love between the dairy producer and the dairy cow through pictures and excerpts from Corinthians 13:4-8.

Love is Patient

303281_10150469152764008_1090805467_n Photo courtesy of Kira Andre

After dairy calves have been removed from their mothers for their own personal safety, dairy farmers must bottle feed their calves by hand for their first few meals.  It is a slow process as the newborn calf learns how to nurse and takes nothing but pure patience from the caretaker.

Love is Kind 

10392400_10204129053479120_3637066701595336497_n Photo courtesy of Melanie Tipton

Dairy farmers display nothing but the upmost kindness towards their animals.  They care for their cows with the most compassionate hearts.

Love is Not Easily Angered  

303333_4306847234232_526369867_n Photo courtesy of Lauren Shaw

Even on days when cows are not on their best behavior, dairy farmers still manage to control their temper…

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Over Koeienboer Jannes

Jannes Stelling  @koeienboerjames Haule (Frl.), the Netherlands Als je goed bent voor de koe, is de koe goed voor you!!! agri koe melk kaas fryslan melkvee boer dairy farmer  Melkveebedrijf Stelling
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