What I’ve Learned From a Cow

Of Kids and Cows

When you hear the word cow, wisdom and teaching aren’t the first two words that come to mind. Anyone involved in working cattle can tell you otherwise. Cows can teach you many important life lessons.


Cows are creatures of habit. Almost to a fault. Running 5 minutes late to milking? Don’t worry, they’ll be there ready to go.


You aren’t going to make a 1,500 pound animal do anything she doesn’t want to do. Some days you just have to try, try and try again.


So you black and white, brown, red and white, freckled? They don’t care. Everyone’s a herdmate.


Working with cows day in and day out can bring around many emotions in a person. They can have you mastering the art of colorful language one minute to wanting to give them all the scratches you can the next.

Hard work

You won’t get…

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Over Koeienboer Jannes

Jannes Stelling  @koeienboerjames Haule (Frl.), the Netherlands Als je goed bent voor de koe, is de koe goed voor you!!! agri koe melk kaas fryslan melkvee boer dairy farmer  www.koeienboer.tk Melkveebedrijf Stelling
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