Soil carbon saturation: Myth or reality?


Regenetarianism (formerly L.A. Chefs Column)

A friend recently emailed me the following question:

Is there a limit to how much carbon soil can hold which then prevents the kind of sequestration that would be needed to reverse climate change?

Or, in other words, does soil get saturated and therefore become unable to sequester more carbon and enough carbon to draw down enough atmospheric carbon to repair the carbon cycle?

The answer to this question is both no and yes.  Most people who claim that soil becomes saturated are not accounting for the newer soil science, as explained below,  which demonstrates that new soil- that can capture more carbon- can be built relatively quickly with proper land management (see video below). Soil carbon capture via better land management has numerous other benefits besides mitigating climate change concerns, but that’s a discussion for another blog entry.

Most carbon measurements are (or were in old papers) made to…

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Over Koeienboer Jannes

Jannes Stelling  @koeienboerjames Haule (Frl.), the Netherlands Als je goed bent voor de koe, is de koe goed voor you!!! agri koe melk kaas fryslan melkvee boer dairy farmer  Melkveebedrijf Stelling
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